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Explore solar panels, energy backup, and ways to create a more efficient system.

Benefits of going solar

The advantages go so far beyond clean energy and a reduced electricity bill. It’s no wonder so many homeowners in Southern California see solar as a no brainer!

Why Parco?

We make it easy and super gratifying to collaborate with nature. 

We only offer top tier products, at a transparent price that maximizes your value, and do installations in a timely, attentive manner as we are a local company dedicated to quality of customer experience, not volume. 

Tier 1 solar panels

Highest efficiency microinverters I Top grade batteries

25 year panel guarantee

25 year inverter warranty, 10 year installation warranty

$0 Down

$0 Out of Pocket financing options,
PPA options

30% tax credit

& Rebates

Dedication to quality installation

We work with you until you are completely satisfied

We serve the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, and Inland Empire!

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Who can benefit from solar panels?

We serve both residential homeowners and a range of commercial clients in Southern California

Case Studies

San Juan Capistrano, CA

System size: 14.5 kW

Number of panels: 35

Production per year: 24,500 kWh

Fullerton, CA

System size: 8 kW

Number of panels: 15

Production per year: 14,500 kWh

Downey, CA

System size: 12.5 kW

Number of panels: 33

Production per year: 18,500 kWh

Brea, CA

System size: 12.60 kW

Number of panels: 40

Production per year: 18.960 kWh

Ground Mounted System: Calabasas, CA

Number of panels: 42

Production per year: 16,302 kWh

Church: Riverside, CA

System size: 64.52 kW

Number of panels: 190

Production per year: 100,329 kWh

Commercial: Hanwha Sports Complex - Irvine, CA

Number of panels: 812

System size: 267.96 KW

Production per year: 416,640 kWh

Commercial: Kia Motors America Headquarters - Irvine, CA

System size: 2,404 kW

Co-managed with Tritec Americas


Find answers to popular questions

It’s ACDC, but backwards!

Solar cells on the solar panels absorb sunlight to generate a DC electrical current through what’s known as the “photovoltaic effect.” From there, the DC (direct current) electricity goes into an inverter which converts DC into AC (alternating current) electricity, which is what is used to power your home, or workplace!